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Dinosauria Alphabeticus

Dinosauria Alphabeticus


Hardcover – 32 Pages

A (to Z) collection of some of the weirdest “terrible lizards”
you have ever seen. . . .

We all know about the Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex—these are the giants immortalized on the silver screen and in our greatest museums. But have you heard of Psittacosaurus or Futalognkosaurus? Or, how about the Micropachycephalosaurus? These are the names the baristas can never spell right on their cups. Now you can perfect your  paleontological pronunciations with these extraordinary dinosaurs from the monstrous Mesozoic Era. Featuring 26 bold watercolor illustrations of some of the weirdest-looking dinosaurs you’ve ever seen.


Featuring 48 pages of brilliant, magical watercolors and a terrific tale of imagination.

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