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Blanket Fort

The bedtime story to beat all bedtime stories. . . .

Everyone loves a blanket fort, with its endless possibilities for fantasy and adventure; and Kitty and Moe are blanket fort experts! Lose yourself in a crazy adventure with a girl and her cat, as you fly through space on a solar-sailing pirate ship, explore deep caverns and goblin taverns, chase dinosaurs, fight dragons, and more—and that’s all before bedtime!

Featuring 48 pages of brilliant, magical watercolors and a terrific tale of imagination.

Dinosauria Alphabeticus

A (to Z) collection of some of the weirdest “terrible lizards”
you have ever seen. . . .

We all know about the Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex—these are the giants immortalized on the silver screen and in our greatest museums. But have you heard of Psittacosaurus or Futalognkosaurus? Or, how about the Micropachycephalosaurus? These are the names the baristas can never spell right on their cups. Now you can perfect your  paleontological pronunciations with these extraordinary dinosaurs from the monstrous Mesozoic Era. Featuring 26 bold watercolor illustrations of some of the weirdest-looking dinosaurs you’ve ever seen.

hatchlings: baby dinosaurs

Dinosaurs? . . . Cool. . . . Babies? . . . Cute.
Dino babies? . . . Awwwwwww.

Hatchlings is 32 pages of the cutest little baby dinos that you ever saw.

hatchlings: series 1

Series 1 features six adorable drawings of baby dinosaurs just being cute. These cards are perfect for any occasion, and also make wonderful framed small prints. Series I includes Stegosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Corythosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Dilophosaurus, and Pachycephalosaurus, by Alex Grey

6 matte-printed 5×7 greeting cards and matching brown paper envelopes

hatchlings: series 2

Series 2 features six all-new adorable drawings of various baby dinosaurs being cute. The cards are perfect for any occasion, and make wonderful framed small prints. Series 2 includes Spinosaurus, Elasmosaurus, Pterodactyl, Yutyrannus, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Olorotitan, by Alex Grey

6 matte-printed 5×7 greeting cards with matching brown paper envelopes

A Tale of Two Elders

Missionaries Elder Hildebrandt and Elder Jamero stop to help an old man, and as they teach him they uncover his surprising identity! Written in the rhyming style of T‘was the Night Before Christmas, and illustrated with full-page watercolors, this is a beautiful story with humor and heart. Sure to become a family classic, this adventure is a delight for children, as well as for missionaries and their families.

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the ugly raptor

A classic tale of mistaken identity, starring everyone’s favorite Cretaceous carnivore, the terrible Tyrannosaurus rex. Find out what happens when a new T. rex egg falls in with a nest of raptors.

Tibbetts The Mouse

Follow the adventures of a gentleman mouse, who enjoys novels, gravy in thimbles, and properly tied cravats. From hot air balloon excursions to transatlantic journeys, the world is rather big for such a little mouse.