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To inquire about our books and other art products, please call Rhonda at 623-910-3799, or send us an email at [email protected]

If you’d like to email the author, please address your message to Alex in the subject line at the same address.

About blue hippo press

Blue Hippo is a small press, with the goal of creating and publishing projects that make people feel good. We like adventures and stories that make you feel like a kid again. Our products are professional and high-quality, and we have 20 years of book-design experience to back those claims up. Our lead illustrator, Alex Grey, was practically born with a pencil in hand, and has always enjoyed storytelling.

Why a blue hippo?

Phil the Philopotamus was the first character designed by a young Alex Grey, and deserves most of the credit for inspiring the pursuit of storytelling. He hasn’t finished telling Alex his story yet; but once he does, a zany new book is bound to follow.

“I’m your biggest fan! Where can I stalk you?”

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